Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

We have had many inquiries after going through the non-GMO process verification asking why some products have the non-GMO symbol and some don’t. Most of our products are certified but due to certain ingredients and not being able to get the proper paper work, there are some that aren’t certified. That doesn’t mean they are genetically modified though, it just means we are still working on getting them to that point. The process is rigorous!
Our products have about 30% less sugar than a lot of other companies because the fruit we use is picked when it’s ripe. This means there is more natural sugar and it gives our jam a fruit forward flavor. Our jams range from 4-10 grams of sugar per serving. This makes it a great choice for individuals on a low sugar diet! Check out our reviews to see what people are saying about our products!
Technically, we are not a jam. Jams and preserves by FDA definition and standards must contain 65% soluble sugar. Check out our blog post for more of an in-depth reason behind why.
We don’t use preservatives besides a little sugar. Some companies will compensate for not using preservatives by adding a ton of sugar to preserve the fruit. We prefer to keep the flavor focus on the fruit and not just make another flavored sugar jam. It is the sugar that "preserves" the product by chemically binding to all the available water in the product thus not allowing for yeast or mold to grow. Since we don’t use preservatives, once you open a jar it is like cutting into a peach or having a bowl of berries, the fruit is fresh and subject to spoilage. Don’t wait too long to enjoy your jam, because it doesn’t last forever!
The typical shelf life once opened for our fruit spreads is 3 months depending of the temperate of your refrigerator and if there has been any cross-contamination (using a knife with peanut butter on it for example). Our product contains 1/3 less sugar than a traditional jam recipe - we chose this ratio because we feel it makes a tastier product. We feel that more fruit and less sugar yields better fruit flavor. Cross contamination from bread crumbs, cream cheese, butter or anything else that might get in there once they are opened will also speed up spoilage. The compromise in this low sugar recipe is a diminished shelf life once opened. The reason that our opened shelf life is shorter than "jams" is the fact that our product is a fruit spread and not a jam. These 2 factors do not generally affect the shelf life before opening but once they are open, even when refrigerated; their freshness life can be shortened. Upon bottling, all our products are pasteurized to preserve them for up to 2 years unopened.
A fruit Pate is an artisan condiment for cheese. The fruit is cooked down until almost all of the liquid is out and then pectin is added to it. This gives in a firm and almost slice-able consistency.
Many of our products have been certified Kosher. The ones with wine in them are not kosher. Look for the kosher symbol!
Yes, we are a naturally Gluten Free product!
Our beautiful wooden gift boxes are handmade here in the beautiful Gorge! Being an untreated, reclaimed wood product, they can be susceptible to changes in temperature & humidity that affect the dimensions ever so slightly. Being that they are crafted by hand, rather than in a factory machined system, we’ve noticed slight size differences between them. The lids are made for a specific box, and we’ve found they aren’t necessarily interchangeable. Want a customized gift box? Contact us at 541.386.5600 or email us at for more information.
It is the THE Oregon berry! Check out our blog to read an in-depth article on what a Marionberry is.
It is a small, round, edible blue-black berry related to the blueberry. This delicious berry is very special mainly because it can only be grown in the wild and only in certain parts of the country. We get ours from the Huckleberry Wilderness in the Gifford Pinchot. All of the berries are handpicked which is why huckleberries are so expensive but worth every delicious sweet and tart bite!
Since our products are heavy and the shipping regulations of UPS we have to use a sturdy packing material to ensure our tasty jams make it to you in one piece. The biodegradable peanuts don’t hold up to the weight of our products and in humidity start to get sticky and break down. We do use a recycled Styrofoam peanut and are as eco friendly as we possibly can.
Our products are not made with USDA Certified organic fruit, in part due to lack of availability in our area (to meet our total production requirements), and in part due to the dramatic increase in product cost that would result. In partnering with local, family-owned farms, we have the opportunity to observe their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, and focus on minimizing environmental impacts of their crop production.