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Huckleberry Jam The 2013 crop is in and we have fresh batch of our famous jam. This year we made a VERY limited amount of Huckleberry jam and it is delicious! Sweet, tart and bursting with wild Huckleberry goodness. Get it while supplies last!

These handpicked treasures from the slopes of Mt Adams are like gold to berry lovers in the Pacific Northwest. Collected by local foragers, huckleberries are tiny alpine berries prized for their natural sweetness and tart finish - and worth every penny!

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Fresh Picked Special- Northwest Peach Jam! Ripe local peaches are finally perfect for pickin', so we are offering our Peach Jam special to celebrate! Our jam is made from fresh peaches from Jones Family Farm in Salem Oregon, pop the lid and the smell of perfect ripe fruit comes looming out!

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(Regularly $6.95)
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PBJ's Grilled Gourmet Peanut Butter Jelly Creations

PBJKeena and Shane moved to Portland a year and a half ago to start PBJs, picking this beautiful city for the friendly people and awesome wine, beer and food. Providing products that are natural and organic whenever possible, conscious of the environment and supportive a local markets PBJ's likes to assist the inner economy.

Their jams are produced by Oregon Growers & Shippers, the peanut butter is made from organic peanuts and the hazelnuts are grown locally in the Willamette Valley. Even the chocolate is organic Dagoba and Gabriel's Bakery is responsible for the bread.

Take a look at their incredible menu at:

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New Seasons Market

raleigh-hills-cpThree families and 50 friends founded New Seasons Market with a mission to build a community both inside and outside of their stores. We love working with this fun, friendly, and dedicated local company. Now with 13 unique neighborhood locations throughout the greater Portland area, they offer everything from fresh organic fruit and wild-caught salmon to Coca-Cola and Kettle Chips.

As a locally owned business, they also share our passion for supporting local farms and sustainable agriculture. Through their Home Grown program, they offer a wide variety of products grown, raised, or produced in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. The Home Grown symbol and signs throughout the store spotlight all the best the region has to offer, making it easy to choose local goods first and give back to the community.

To learn more about New Seasons Market, visit them at

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Oregon Marionberries

In the Pacific Northwest, marionberries are a thriving business. Grown primarily in Oregon, between 28 and 33 million pounds are produced by the state each year. Developed in 1945 at Oregon State University, the marionberry is cross between the Chehalem blackberry and the Olallieberry. The berry is medium to large, known for its complex and earthly flavor, and because of this is often compared to the Cabernet grape. It is also known for being sweeter and juicer than other blackberry varieties such as the Evergreen and Boysen.

Marionberries , like all blackberries, are rich in antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, gallic acid, and rutin. They also provide an excellent source of anthocyanins and ellagic acid, and a range of health benefits. A few of the benefits include protecting against cancer, heart and circulatory diseases, and age related mental decline. As a bonus, marionberries clock in at only 75 calories per cup, are rich in fiber, but low in sodium and fat.

Fresh marionberries are available Mid-July through Mid-August, and are popular ingredients for pies, ice creams, jams and jellies. Our 100% natural Marionberry Jam is a great source of this local favorite. With simple ingredients and simple preparation, we let the berry take center stage. It is available for individual sale or in one of our gift boxes.

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Huckleberry Doughnuts

OG_Doughnuts_7Doughnuts are the best morning breakfast treat. And while store bought doughnuts may be great, these homemade Vanilla Huckleberry doughnuts are even better.

The doughnut is baked and flavored with vanilla to make it moist and sweet, but the icing is really the best part of this recipe. Starting with Oregon Growers Huckleberry Jam, this vibrantly colored icing is the perfect topper for the doughnut. The huckleberries in the jam create a natural sweetness with a tart finish that combines with the vanilla, sugar and milk to make the icing creamy and delicious.

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