Oregon Growers Jams

Oregon Growers Jams

We pride ourselves on the direct relationships we have established with fantastic growers here in the Columbia River Gorge and beyond. We source premium apples, pears, cherries, berries and more from these outstanding farmers and are proud to provide our customers, literally, the fruits of their labor. At Oregon Growers it is our belief that our job is to source the best local ingredients we can find; better ingredients make better jam! We use less sugar than traditional recipes – allowing the full flavor of orchard fresh fruit to shine through in every jam me make.

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Perfectly ripe and sweet Oregon Strawberries pair deliciously with earthy and tart Rhubarb to create a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Enjoy this jam made in small batches.
Strawberry Rhubarb Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Net Wt: 12 oz.   $7.50

We love Berries! We love them so much that we used our favorite three in the jam: ripe strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries from Oregon's Willamette Valley. This jam bursts with natural sweetness that only just-picked fruit can provide.
Triple Berry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Triple Berry Jam

Originating in Marion County, our most famous berry takes center stage in this simple and 100% natural jam. Simple ingredients partnered with simple preparations make for great food. Our Marionberry jam will quickly become your favorite. Also available in a gift box.
Marionberry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Marionberry Jam

Commonly known as the "Berry Capital" Oregon's Willamette valley is famous for its alluvial soil, warm days, and cool nights; perfect for growing the best strawberries you've ever had! A classic bursting with flavor!
Strawberry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Strawberry Jam

The crop is in and we have fresh batch of our famous jam. This year we made a VERY limited amount of Huckleberry jam and it is delicious! Sweet, tart and bursting with wild Huckleberry goodness. Get it while supplies last! These handpicked treasures from the slopes of Mt Adams are like gold to berry lovers in the Pacific Northwest. Collected by local foragers, huckleberries are tiny alpine berries prized for their natural sweetness and tart finish - and worth every penny!
Huckleberry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Huckleberry Jam

Our NW Red Raspberry jam will soon earn a permanent place in your refrigerator. Packed with fresh Willamette Raspberries and not much else; we are pleased to share this simple treat with you. Our jams contain 1/3 less sugar than traditional recipes allowing the pure flavor of the fruit to come through.
Red Raspberry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Red Raspberry Jam

You've never tasted a blueberry until you've tasted an Oregon Duke from the Willamette Valley. World famous for it's alluvial soil, the Cascade valley is berry utopia! Our Blueberry jam preserves the fresh flavor of harvest.
Blueberry Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Blueberry Jam

There are few things in the world more savory than strawberries and Pinot Noir. So we used Oregon's famous Totem Strawberries, so soft and juicy that they can only travel by jar, and paired them with our beloved Pinot Noir. This fantastic combination of earthy flavors makes for the perfect compliment to almost any breakfast or dinner treat. Also available in a gift box. 2005 NASFT Finalist "Outstanding Jam or Preserve"
Strawberry Pinot Noir Jam

Travel just east of Mt. Hood to visit the famous cherry orchards of the Columbia River Gorge and you'll know why this preserve tastes so good. We use fresh local cherries, pure cane sugar and just a bit of Zinfandel to make this irresistible flavor. Try our cherry zinfandel on a bagel with soft cheese or as a glaze for roast Duck - either way you'll love it. Also available in a gift box.
Cherry Zinfandel Jam

Made from fresh peaches from Jones Family Farm in Salem Oregon, our golden NW Peach preserve contains 1/3 less sugar than traditional recipes allowing the subtle flavors to shine through. Pop the lid and the smell of perfect ripe fruit comes looming out.
Northwest Peach Jamis a Kosher ProductNon GMO Product
Northwest Peach Jam

East of Mt. Hood cherries grow in abundance. They are made ripe and sweet by the long hot days and cool evenings of summer. Sweet Bing, Lapin, and Lambert varieties make this preserve a very special treat!
Black Cherry Jamis a Kosher Product
Black Cherry Jam

There is nothing more Northwest than the pear. Travel to the orchards, stop at the fruit stand or order a salad and the pear is everywhere. That's why we created our Pear and Hazelnut Jam. Just open a jar and the scent of cinnamon comes looming out. We used big chunks of fresh Bartlett pears, crunchy bits of hazelnuts, and lemon zest to make this preserve irresistible. Pour this in a bowl and your friends will swear you made it yourself. Also available in a gift box.
Pear & Hazelnut Jamis a Kosher Product
Pear & Hazelnut Jam

Our twist on a classic treat! We use fresh ripe Bartlett pears from the Hood River Valley and plenty of lemon zest to give this marmalade its wonderful flavor.
Lemon Pear Marmaladeis a Kosher Product
Lemon Pear Marmalade

Just open a jar of this of stuff, and you'll swear you bought it at a fruit stand. Big chunks of Southern Oregon's best cranberries, Hood River's famous Anjou Pears, lemon, orange, and spices-it's just like your grandmother used to make. Your turkey sandwich will never be the same. Also available in a gift box.
Cranberry Pear Jamis a Kosher Product
Cranberry Pear Jam

Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products)